Where violins welcome you home

Self destruct someday

Ashes scattered over all our remains

You will not find me then

Were you to return, you will not find me

My brother says it gets better

If we’re responsible for another

I told him I was responsible everyday

Responsible for you

You see there are places on this planet

Where the blood seeps through the cracks

Of the ghosts of long past

There are monarchs on their thrones

And warriors without homes

And you’re either one of the two

Or you are just not

I suppose I am not

There’s a temple in japan

Where the blossoms wither and bloom

And a wishing well

And a little girl

And watering streams

And death’s at their door

There’s a bloody trench

Somewhere in Germany

With drying leaves strewn about

In patterns of terrible stories

There’s a man in india

With a rose water grave

And tilting bells into the sunset

Resounding in the fray

There’s a prince from a far off land

That lies heartbroken in his bed

His dreams trouble him

His sword unsheathed

Lies stained with blood

There’s a street in new orleans

Where the violins welcome you home

A witch playing with her dolls

and the balconies with the whores

Singing songs of those who always fall


The Cold Nation

Our amours were made of the frozen cold

And the snowy rivulets ran in our blood streams

There was wolf, a bear and a hound

There was a hammer, a sword and a war horn

There was this war that swept the nation

And there was death that stalked us the minute we were born

Four Thousand of a Degree

You see there has been a question burning in me and in the depths of the world. The one about the artful warriors. The one that keeps me up most nights.

There are multitude destinies within one millionth of your realities and only one fifth of them are relative and the rest are filled with hundred of your memories and perhaps ninety nine point one one four are just dreams.

And within these numbers, you’ll see the possibility of oblivion and that alone is the only thousand of the actual infinites.

So if you were to die in battle tonight, will I feel it? If you perished on the root of that frozen mountain, will I mourn you?

To be honest all these question were quite useless, almost less than a zero, perhaps below minus four thousand of a degree.

The truth is we were born to be raised like fighters and one day some dawn will bring you back. To recruit the rest of us. Or perhaps the dawn will bring you back permanently to stay.

So the lovely glass wall house by the forest edge, the pristine living room beside the kitchen counter, and the snow globes and book shelves and the lonely corners in the library would not look so desolate.

And that perhaps is just another one of a million ideas between the trillion spaces created by the absence.

The absence.

A gun. A mace. A sword. A dagger.

A gun. A mace. A sword. A dagger.


The weapons were lined out for us to choose.

A gun. A mace. A sword. A dagger.

We were supposed to set out to war.


Because the ones who left before us never returned.

Our hellish demons of sorts.

And we had to be wherever they were fated to be.


Because once we had a dream.

Trudging thought miles of ancient wood.

Smothered green in lichens and warm showers.

We were right behind us.

Garbed in black uniforms.

An array of weapons we did not choose hung by a belt.

A bleeding gash or two.

Pronounced limps and breathless lungs.

Walking fast in pursuit, calling after someone.

A song about somebody else

A song about somebody else

A song about somebody else

Epiphanies of a marauder

Blood crusted fingers

Truth laden bones

I say if you look closely

You’ll see the little carvings

The little dug graves

Within skin pores

Within that that pearly face

Little etched scars left by the stars

A character

A story

A brazen heart

Don’t look in the mirror

You don’t want to see it

Not this one pearly face

Not this master of horrors

Not this piece of fiction

Not this construction of foretelling and tales

Not this sepulchre of events

Not these frames holds of bizarre fancies

Not this one

Palpable but Hidden Aches

Transcending alliances

Of the angels retreat

The gathering winds

Placed below and underneath

And the failing abyss

Of strange foretellings

All the broken toys you used

To put up the best of shows

Straying far and wide

With wind and tide

The raging, frantic ocean

That misses you when it’s still

The blistering night of heated deserts

That’ll someday lie cold and dead

The changing world and its horizons

And the sifting shadows of thought and process

The central origins of malformed beasts

The filtered ray of the apocalyptic sun

Your fellows and fiends

And my martyrs and their white steeds

All creatures of shallow hearth

All became palpable but hidden aches

Hidden aches the only your touch unearths

Your Dress of Pearly White

I’ll lure you in.

Spin you around

and catch you in a turn.

I’ll make my mark, leaving no scars behind.

I’ll settle in your soul,

making a home.

Yours and mine.

I shall engulf all of your epiphanies

until there are no thoughts, no regrets.

Just you and me.

We’ll stray far and wide,

take the world in our stride.

And in my moments, I’ll taste a sweet madness.

Not tainted with sorrow.

The winds will sway,

your dress of pearly white.

And I swear, this time

I won’t be so far behind.